Staff Scrubs Closet

female nurse with stethoscope

Staff Scrubs Closet

The staff scrubs closet is now available for use! Here’s how it works:

Available for all current staff of North Central Health Care. Located in the Staff Lounge in the Link Hallway on the Wausau Campus.

Temporary needs: If you are working and your scrubs become dirty or soiled you can go to the scrubs closet to find a replacement. When you are finished with them, launder the scrubs and return them to the closet to be used again.

Permanent needs: If you are in need of scrubs permanently, you may take scrubs to keep. They do not need to be returned.

Donations: All donations for the closet can be dropped off at the Volunteer Office.

Self Service: This is a self-serve closet. Please only take what you need. Leave the closet neat and orderly so everyone can benefit from it.

Plastic bags: There are plastic bags in the closet for your convenience.

If the Scrubs Closet needs attention, please contact the Volunteer Office at 715.848.4450, email or stop by the Volunteer Office.

Thank you for helping to make this a success for everyone.