Contract Staff

Contract/Agency Staff Training Modules

Welcome to North Central Health Care!

woman sitting with computerThank you for partnering with NCHC. We have created this page to provide you with important information that is key to providing excellent care and service. These topics outline rules, regulations and standards at NCHC.

Please take time to read and acknowledge each of the topics below. At the bottom of the page you will submit an attestation as validation of this information. Based on your position and department you may receive additional information and training.

Please complete Steps 1-4 below!

1. Review the NCHC Code of Conduct

The NCHC Code of Conduct defines NCHC's expected actions and behaviors. It focuses on best practices and providing a safe environment for everyone. Read the NCHC Code of Conduct (.PDF)

Step 2: Review the NCHC Connections Guide

The NCHC Connections: Employee Success Guide contains key information that employees will use on a daily basis. The booklet contains information about our programs and topics such as wayfinding, departments contacts, infection control, emergency preparedness, and other crucial elements. Read the NCHC Connections Guide (.PDF)

3. Understand Our Patient & Responsibilities

This brochure outlines the rights, responsibilities and expectations our patients, residents and clients have. Read the NCHC Patients Rights & Responsibilities (.PDF)

4. "I Agree!"

Please complete the form below to confirm the following acknowledgment: “I acknowledge that I have read and understand the topics on this page and agree to abide by these trainings.” Upon submission, a message will be sent to NCHC Human Resources with your acknowledgment.

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If you have any questions or would like a hard copy of the NCHC Connections: Employee Success Guide, please do not hesitate to call our Learning & Development Team
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am– 4:30 pm

Corporate Compliance

NCHC is also committed to fully complying with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes state and federal insurance regulations, employment laws, and the federal healthcare rules and regulations. Everyone at North Central Health Care, including our contract and agency staff, is responsible for maintaining an ethical environment. Your actions in the workplace must demonstrate your commitment to integrity and accountability every day. Learn more about North Central Health Care's Corporate Compliance.