Respite Care

female nurse with elderly female patient

Short-Term Care with Long-Term Benefits

When a caregiver needs temporary relief from their care giving responsibilities, choose Mount View Care Center. We provide 24-hour care structured around each individual’s needs in a home-like environment situated next to Lake Wausau. We collaborate with current caregivers to ensure the short-term resident receives consistent quality skilled nursing care that makes for a seamless transition into and out of respite care.

  • Skilled, coordinated care. We coordinate care plans with current primary caregivers to ensure an easy transition to our facility.
  • Comprehensive care. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide personal assessments of a condition, administer medication, develop personalized nutrition planning and activity programming.

Respite Care Can Help Your Loved One Transition to A Permanent Facility

Your loved one can remain in respite care for as long as necessary, whether it’s a weekend or a couple of weeks. The primary purpose of respite care is to give your caretaker time to rest and recover, but it also serves as a good opportunity for the patient to get used to being cared for by someone else. It is rare that a person who needs a caretaker remains in their care for the duration of their life, particularly if that caretaker is a family member who has other responsibilities. It is important to know that your loved one will be comfortable to transition to a nursing facility if it ever becomes necessary.

Short stays in a respite care facility are a great opportunity for this. In many cases, just having the experience of letting someone else care for them can help your loved one feel more at ease with the thought of residing in a more permanent care facility.