Dementia Care

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Specialized Dementia Care

We do our best to preserve memories for you and your loved one at North Central Health Care’s dementia care communities at Mount View Care Center and Pine Crest Nursing Home.

The key to treating dementia is establishing personal, trusting relationships between staff and the individual — and providing services designed exclusively for each resident based on their past life and current condition.

At Mount View Care Center and Pine Crest Nursing home we support all levels of dementia care offering treatment and therapy designed around the specific needs of those living with dementia.

We match each resident to an environment that not only suits their level of care, but also their personal preferences. We have large offering of Amenities and Activities to keep residents engaged and feel at home.

Fostering Abilities

High staff to resident ratios allow us to take a personalized approach and stimulate abilities in a comforting, supportive manner.

  • Community outings such as sporting events, seasonal ventures, museum visits & fishing
  • Spiritual growth & regular worship services
  • Dances and social events
  • Seasonal festivities & holiday celebrations

Ground-Breaking Interventions

Recognized by state and national organizations as a leader in dementia care innovation, we have implemented new approaches to dementia care with our Stop, Starting It! training program. Stop, Starting It! focuses on providing person-centered care with alternative methods to reduce the use of medications in order to enhance each resident’s quality of life.

Helping Families Be Families

On-site programs are in place to provide education, networking, and support including our Family Forums on Dementia held several times year.

Proposed Renovations at Mount View Care Center

Mount View Care Center residents and family were given a presentation in August 2019 on the most current renovation plans at North Central Health Care and Mount View Care Center. The forum ended with questions from the residents and families. Updates will continue to be posted online on our Renovations page along with event postings for groundbreakings and additional information. If you have questions you can contact the Lindsey King, Resident Transition Coordinator by calling 715.848.4578 or email Lindsey at for more information on resident transitions. Here is the August 2019 video from that presentation.

If you would like more information, please contact Julie Lucko, Resident Relations Coordinator at Mount View Care Center at 715.581.3422 or by email at