Dementia Care

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Specialized Dementia Care

We do our best to preserve memories for you and your loved one at Legacies by the Lake, North Central Health Care’s dementia care community.

Alzheimer’s disease is progressive, with each successive stage altering a person’s independence, memory, and cognitive function. The key to treating dementia is establishing personal, trusting relationships between staff and the individual — and providing services designed exclusively for each resident based on their past life and current condition. We offer varied levels of care, treatment, rehabilitation and therapy in three distinct communities designed around the specific needs and personalities of those living with dementia.

Our Active Neighborhoods

With so many components and levels to dementia, three distinct and extensive care communities have been formed to support all levels of dementia care. We realize the role environment can play, and match each resident to a neighborhood that not only suits their level of care, but also their personal preferences and interests. Residents and visitors will regularly enjoy picturesque views of nature in a warm, home-like environment.

Gardenside Crossing is designed for residents with moderate memory loss who need assistance with their daily routines. This community overlooks Rib Mountain with a view of Wausau Airport and access to landscaped, fenced-in grounds along Lake Wausau.

Lake View Heights, with a panoramic view of Lake Wausau, is nestled within secure, landscaped grounds. This community is designed specifically for residents with mild memory loss who still function somewhat independently.

Evergreen Place, which houses residents with severe memory loss and a high level of dependency, has a private backyard and garden.

Each neighborhood provides:

  • Rehabilitation. We work with both outpatients and residents of Legacies by the Lake, offering music, physical, occupational and speech therapies. We also have a warm water physical therapy pool onsite for aquatic therapies.
  • Integrated resident-centered care. Our staff is composed of diverse skilled nursing caregivers and professionals specializing in dementia care. Staff are available 24 hours and work with residents on a daily basis to develop trusting relationships key to dementia care.
  • Comprehensive in-house care. Residents receive housekeeping, laundry, and lab services. Each resident receives the attention of a dietician to ensure meals meet the preferences and nutritional needs of each individual.
  • Open, secure environment. Residents have access to secure landscaped grounds, patios, gardens, and walking paths. Indoors, our facilities provide cozy fireplaces, kitchen areas, bird aviaries and home-like living and dining rooms.
  • Activities for all levels of dementia. A critical element of dementia care is helping residents continue to enjoy those activities and interests they have developed over a lifetime. Activities and social interaction are customized for each resident depending on their level of independence, cognitive function, and interests. Music therapies and spiritual, outdoor, community, sensory stimulation activities are available to all.
  • Social time. Each community is structured to provide residents with as much privacy or sociability as they desire. Private and semi-private rooms are available, as are family rooms for private gatherings.
  • Amenities. Each community offers satellite TV, cell phone access, radio, a gift shop, patio with lake views, walking and driving paths, a Memory Garden and access to the Wausau bus line.

Ground-Breaking Interventions

Recognized by state and national organizations as a leader in dementia care innovation, our teams complement person-centered care with alternative methods to successfully reduce the use of medications while enhancing each resident’s quality of life.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Certified Massage Therapy
  • Board-Certified Music Therapy
  • Pet Therapy
  • Intergenerational programs

Fostering Abilities

We focus on providing frequent, individualized opportunities that maintain the highest levels of ability for those living with dementia. High staff to resident ratios allow us to take a personalized approach and stimulate abilities in a comforting, supportive manner.

From the moment each resident joins us, our teams take a comprehensive view of past and present leisure activities and use this knowledge to promote quality experiences through activities.

  • Community outings such as sporting events, seasonal ventures, museum visits & fishing
  • Spiritual growth & regular worship services
  • Dances and social events
  • Seasonal festivities & holiday celebrations

Helping Families Be Families

Just as important as the care each resident receives, is the support and resources available to assist families and loved ones on their journey. On-site programs are in place to provide education, networking, and support.

Proposed Renovations

Mount View Care Center residents and family were given a presentation in August 2019 on the most current renovation plans at North Central Health Care and Mount View Care Center. The forum ended with questions from the residents and families. Updates will continue to be posted online on our Renovations page along with event postings for groundbreakings and additional information. If you have questions you can contact the Lindsey King, Resident Transition Coordinator by calling 715.848.4578 or email Lindsey at for more information on resident transitions. Here is the August 2019 video from that presentation.

If you would like more information, please contact Julie Lucko, Resident Relations Coordinator at Mount View Care Center at 715.581.3422 or by email at