Long Term Care

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Long-Term Care for Better Living

Leaving your home should make your life better — it should be a step that provides you with the skilled and specialized care you need, offers you a social and active community, and allows you to maintain your lifestyle, unique interests and habits. Mount View Care Center is that step. Our long-term residential care community is built around the lifestyles and needs of its residents — we help you enjoy a quality life by providing you with the skilled nursing, therapy, care and rehabilitation you need to stay active and involved with your community and family. And as your needs and interests change, so will our care — ensuring you can make the most of every moment.

  • Comprehensive, coordinated care. Each Mount View neighborhood has a nurse manager, social worker, life enrichment coordinator and dietician who collaborate with nurses, physicians, therapists, residents and their families to develop and deliver individualized comprehensive care.
  • Skilled, individualized care. Our 24-hour skilled nursing services are uniquely adapted to helping residents — be it assistance with the tasks of daily living, physical therapy, transitioning to dementia care, comfort/Hospice care, or the management of a chronic illness. And each individual care plan is structured around the resident’s life pattern.
  • Staying active and engaged. We offer a wide range of activities based on the interests of residents. We provide spiritual services, music therapy, life-long learning opportunities, assistance with absentee voting, and assist residents in maintaining their community relationships and activities.
  • Family-friendly. Friends and family can visit you at any time — 24 hours a day. And we maintain close contact with the families of our residents.
  • Have a say. Residents take part in monthly resident council meetings — playing a crucial role in ensuring our services and amenities meet their expectations

Continue to Live Life

As everyone’s needs and interests change, so will our care – ensuring residents can make the most of every moment. We focus on individual needs and the importance of making connections with our community – because life happens outside our walls, too. A broad spectrum of programs are available to peak interests and discover new talents.

  • Visual arts and crafts
  • Inter-generational programs
  • Community outing such as sporting events, seasonal venture, museum visits and fishing
  • Recreation, games and hobby groups
  • Spiritual growth with regular worship services
  • Seasonal festivities and holiday celebrations
  • Library, movie, activity and relaxation lounges
  • Gift shop

If you would like more information, please contact Julie Lucko, Resident Relations Coordinator at Mount View Care Center at 715.581.3422 or by email at jlucko@norcen.org.