Residential Services

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Fostering Independence

We believe that adults with developmental disabilities, mental illness, addiction issues or physical disabilities can reach their full potential. Each individual in our residential home receives the support they need based on their unique strengths and challenges. Every day we work with individuals to help them assert as much control over their lives as possible — providing them with diverse opportunities that help them structure their daily life. At North Central Health Care, individuals receive the support they need to establish independence and become fully integrated into their community.

Our services safeguard and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents. They build self-confidence and self-awareness and foster relationships with family, friends and the community at large.

  • Assuming personal responsibility. Each resident learns how best to care for him or herself to the best of their abilities and is designed to increase or maintain personal independence.
  • Help is based on individual need. Every resident is unique. So is their level of needed supervision.
  • Relax. Every day provides residents with the opportunity to pursue their favorite leisure time activities. Religious services are also provided.
  • Forming relationships. Residents take part in a variety of community activities based on their interests and capabilities. Activities including family and friend time and community outings.
  • Empowering family. Staff assess and monitor residents to develop individual plans that help alleviate stressors that can lead to behavioral problems. Staff develop positive alternative ways to deal with problem behaviors in order to help residents modify behaviors to a more positive end. This knowledge is shared with families to help them find positive alternative ways to deal with problem behaviors that arise.
  • Encouraging communication. Residents are provided with the resources, services and assistance they need to maintain good social communication skills.
  • Staying healthy. The health of each resident is monitored on a daily basis and we assist in making arrangements for physical, oral or mental health services. All medications are monitored by staff.
  • Finding additional resources. Staff assist friends and family in locating appropriate community services as needed.
  • Remaining mobile. Transportation services are provided for medical appointments and work.

Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRF's)

North Central Health Care operates several Community Based Residential Facilities, which are congregate living settings, licensed by the State of Wisconsin. CBRF locations include:

  • Chadwick Street has seven beds and is licensed as a CNA home, serving developmentally disabled individuals who are ambulatory, semi-ambulatory or non-ambulatory, but may not be capable of exiting the property without assistance.
  • Andrea Street can serve eight residents. As a CNA home it serves developmentally disabled individuals who are ambulatory, semi-ambulatory or non-ambulatory, but may not be capable of exiting the property without assistance.

For additional information regarding CBRF's, please contact Katie Haanstad, Manager at 715.848.4561 or 715.370.6132

Supportive Apartments

North Central Health Care also offers support and supervision at several local area apartment settings, where individuals may receive additional support and services while living in their own apartment setting. Support for individuals are provided at independently owned and operated apartments located in the Wausau area including locations on Jelinek Street in Weston and Riverview Towers in Wausau.

For additional information regarding Supportive Apartments, please contact Jamie Collins, Manager at 715.848.4399 or 715.581.9137