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Who is Cerner?

For 40 years, Cerner has worked at the intersection of health care and information technology to connect people and systems around the world. They use the latest technology to create solutions that let communities and people engage in their own health. Whether they are supporting the clinical, financial or operational areas of a hospital or health system, Cerner's tools are designed to work for today and think for tomorrow.

Cerner will support our North Central Health Care by surfacing data that enables us to make informed decisions for better management of operations, while arming our clinicians with the information they need to provide smarter care. Empowering us to know, manage and engage with the people we serve.

What is Millennium?

Millennium is the new behavioral health electronic medical record software North Central Health Care will be launching in 2021. Millennium will provide staff with updated solutions for medical record documentation, sharing and tracking. By keeping patient information updated in real-time, it will provide clinicians with secure access wherever and whenever it is needed, putting an end to siloed data and providing our staff with a single source of truth for our patients’ information.

Millennium supports an organization-wide view of clinical information to coordinate patient care and document the point at which it was delivered in both acute inpatient and outpatient settings. It helps providers have access to the right information at the right time and within the clinical workflows to make the best possible decisions.

Millennium's solutions share a single design, which eases information sharing across care teams and venues. Care teams across the continuum can use these solutions to document and access critical patient data, streamline workflows and help with patient safety.

Super Users

North Central Health Care has developed a formalized network of embedded leaders within each department to support the adoption and implementation of Cerner Millennium. Super Users will train employees on how to use the new system and answer any questions or concerns that arise along the way.

View a list of Super Users by department here.

How will Millennium Benefit Our Information Services?

Tom Boutain discusses the overall benefits this valuable system will have within the information services realm at NCHC.

How will Millennium Benefit Our Providers?

Dr. Robert Gouthro, Chief Medical Officer, discusses the overall benefits Millennium will have for our providers at NCHC.

How will Millennium Benefit Financial Department?

Jill Meschke, Chief Financial Officer, discusses the overall benefits Millennium will have for the financial department at NCHC.

How will Millennium Benefit Delivery of Care?

Jaime Bracken, Chief Nursing Officer, discusses the overall benefits Millennium will have on nursing staff and delivery of care at NCHC.