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2021 Adopted Budget

Navigating the Curve

The Blueprint for our 2020 Budget was quickly scrapped as we entered the Covid-19 pandemic in March. Our best laid plans became a process to continuously reforecast and adjust on a month-to-month basis. In the third year of our 5 to 50 Vision we had intended to sharpen our focus to have 20/20 vision, but instead we confidently moved into incident command. Despite the challenges, we have yet to be deterred in our long-term march. We remain steadfast on our path to operationalizing all the necessary elements for sustained organizational viability, to get NCHC to our 50th Anniversary, and set ourselves up for the next 50 years. To create an organization that lives on long past our lives, delivering on our historical promise of Lives Enriched and Fulfilled. Our plan for 2021 is based on how our lives are forever changed in the wake of the past several months and our expectations for the future.

We are now a mere 18 months away from our 50th Anniversary in March of 2022. As we present the Budget for 2021, we are uncertain as to exactly when life will get back to normal, or even what normal may mean. We’re striving to not only see through this pandemic, but life on the other side. If anything, the pandemic only accelerated trends already in motion. Expanding mental illness and addiction services, and declining long-term care operations are where the tides are headed. Most dominantly, progressive changes in long-term care are accelerating as we move into 2021 with census reductions in Mount View Care Center (28% lower) and Pine Crest (36% lower). Our expectations for our two nursing homes are truly being redefined by strong market forces we are contending with, impacting the entire organization with it. As we look towards the final leg on our 5 to 50 Vision, we are staring down the final turn. Knowing it is in the turns, not the straight stretches, where racers move their position. Curves can take even the best drivers off the road when taken with too much speed. We will be leaning into and seeing through the curve ahead.

2021 Adopted Budget