Annual Report

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" On behalf of our Board of Directors and the entire North Central Health Care organization, it is our honor to present the 2018 Annual Report and to celebrate our collective achievements with the community we serve.

Defining moments – 2018 was full of them. As we laid out our new platform for success in 2018, we embarked head first into working towards our 5 to 50 Vision. A new chapter in our history was actively being written day-by-day throughout the year. We took on many initiatives as we started to work to operationalize all the necessary elements to achieve organizational viability, to get NCHC to our 50th Anniversary in March of 2022, and to set ourselves up for the next 50 years."

Michael Loy
Chief Executive Officer
North Central Health Care

Jeff Zriny
Executive Committee Chair
North Central Community Services Program Board

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